5 Things to do With Your Furry Pet During The Quarantine

We’re always busy before the current outbreak, some of us didn’t have time to take care of their furry friend, But this time is here to spend more time and share a lot of memories with them.


Here some few things to do at home or yard to have some throwbacks in the future:

  1. Give your Doggie A Good Shower

Giving Your dog a bath is really good idea, of course, now we have time to give them a foamy shower with Doggie Shampoo. and have fun with them. 

But Choose the right shampoo and bring the towel and you are ready to go.

Dog Shower

   2. Get a Doggy Massage

You’re not the only one who can benefit from a trip to the spa every once in a while; your canine friend can too! Many owners believe that a doggy massage can help to provide strengthened immunity, increased circulation, stress relief and improved digestion in their pets.

Give him a good massage as you had before, and after these hard time will be gone, schedule an appointment with your nearest animal massage parlor to give your pup a well-deserved one.

Doggy Massage

  3. Sleep on the Bed

Give them more attention by setting next to thier bed and petting them while sleeping on The Relaxing Calmy Bed, that will give them good feeling before falling asleep.

Or you let them sleep on your human bed, Everybody knows that having your pooch lie in your bed with you is one of the best feelings in the world, but once they start snoring and slobbering, it might be worth putting them on their own bed.

dog on the bed

  4. Have Breakfast in Bed

Yes, as you can read the title; breakfast in their bed. a beautiful bowl with their favorite food and water.

Treat them in the way as you treat your lover because they deserve more than this.

dog has breakfast

  5. Watch the Puppy Bowl

As tempting as it might be to switch the channel to watch your favorite American football teams going at each other, Super Bowl Sunday is the best time for you to binge-watch the Puppy Bowl with your pooch.

Not only will you see puppies, but also other cute animal “tweeters” and “commentators”. You never know, you might find that squealing at fluffy furballs is a more enjoyable annual thing to do than screaming at sweaty athletes.

Dog bowl

Hope you like this article, Leave a comment and send us pics with your pet. WOOF WOOF ?